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Quality management system of Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin company

The company offers the following services: consulting, designing, supplying, supplying and contracting for the construction and commissioning of small and large projects, and achieving customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in the sector of the quality management system as the most important goal of the organization. Is committed to meeting all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 standards, and the management of the organization is guided by its leadership in order to achieve the objectives set forth below.
1. Customer satisfaction (Creating loyal and regular customers)
2. Attraction, maintenance and productivity of human resources as the main and most valuable resources of the organization
3. Pay attention to the comments, suggestions and complaints of customers in order to improve the quality of services provided to customers
4. Development of communication systems with suppliers and manufacturers in order to create effective interaction and delivery of goods and services with good quality and timely delivery.
5. Develop activities and create suitable platforms for reaching new markets
6. Continuous improvement in attitudes, practices and processes in order to achieve quality objectives and programs.
7. Upgrading the knowledge, knowledge, skills of employees, believing that their role in promoting the growth and improvement of the functioning of the organization


Supply of oil, gas, petrochemicals

Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin Company is proud to provide the best quality and fastest time for all products of the oil, gas, petrochemical industries, etc., and to improve the process of supplying the goods in this field.

Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin