Company introduction

Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin

(Private limited company) registered

A resource for supplying professional products

The companySayal Gostar Palayesh Novin, consulting and supplying engineering with the motto "Supply of goods" in the mother projects such as oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, power plant, marine, thermal, refrigeration, construction and water industries. The sewage system has been established. The company places its management system on the basis of "goal-based management" and follows its delivery after customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction. In recent years, the company has been involved in expanding its range of services and supplies to the official distribution and sale of some of the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers in South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, India and European countries. It provides the major needs of the most active industries in the industry with the best quality in the shortest time and at the lowest price in the form of currency and rial. The recent expansion of the new refinement system in recent years by issuing a visa with several international offices in different countries allowed the provision of various types of sanctioned and non-sanctioned oil, gas and petrochemical industries as best as possible from approved sources and registered in Vendors of Oil and Gas It has.
The company is backed by years of experience and the use of specialist personnel, with a background and familiar name, specialized in the form of a consulting company, supplying and executing oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant projects. Throughout its activities, the company has been able to continuously and effectively communicate with many private and public enterprises and private companies, and, due to the demand of many commercial companies, it has been expanding its fields of activity and importing all types of equipment needed for the plant. In the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, it has been one of the largest producers in Asia and Europe. It should be noted that all products are certified internationally and quality control approved by oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Therefore, we will be glad to provide our clients with the information they need upon request, and deliver the required items in the shortest time and with the most suitable quality and price.

A variety of suppliers:
• Industrial valves include: Check, Gate, Globe, Ball, Needle, Plug, Butterfly, Relief in various sizes and alloys.
• Oil, gas, steam and water pipes with various alloys in accordance with standard and in different sizes and grades.
• Smoothness, Tee, Knee, Convertible, Cap, Nut Masonry, Nipple, High Pressure Connections ... at different sizes.
• Flanges and gaskets in different sizes and grades.
• Boiler equipment, dual burner burners, manometer, thermal sensor, safety valve, trap and ...
• Refractory sheets and alloys ....
• Instrumentation equipment, connectors and a different working pressure tube.
• Electric lighting equipment.
Sialgostar Novin refinery has started its activities with the aim of supplying the technical and industrial equipment needed by the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, refineries, power plants and manufacturing industries. By relying on the technical knowledge of the day, experts and personnel specializing in mechanical engineering and Piping, electricity and instrumentation are in the field of providing advice, equipping and equipping industrial units ready to cooperate with business enterprises. The company specializes in the following fields:
* Mechanical
* Peipsi
* Electrical and Instrumentation
Direct communication with major manufacturers of equipment and parts, has provided the opportunity to provide, in the shortest possible time and at competitive prices, international standards. Therefore, we are proud to take a positive step towards the advancement of industry in Iran and countries. We have removed the area.