Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin Co., as a specialized supplier of fittings, will immediately meet the needs of employers in various industries by creating a wide range of European and Asian connections (South Korea, China and Taiwan) in Iran.
Also, according to the needs of the projects, the company can provide these items directly from European and Asian factories as well as foreign stocks.


With regard to flange manufacturers in the European and South Korean countries, as well as considering significant quantities of European flanges in a dedicated warehouse, the company considers itself to be one of the most powerful claimants to supply this product.


Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin Company consists of experienced, experienced and experienced experts in the sale and import of various types of water jets (gaskets) and packs used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industry industries, and is ready to provide any services.
The gaskets are based on metal or non-metallic materials as follows:
• Metallic (metal)
• Semi Metallic
• Non Metallic
• Metallic & Semi Metallic Gasket