Message From Director Manager

Ebrahim Ahmadi - Managing Director of Sayal Gostal Palayesh Novin

Supplying and equipping the required items for oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and distribution projects will not be stopped in any circumstances. Ebrahim Ahmadi, Managing Director of Sayal Gostar Palayesh Novin: Iran, as one of the major oil and gas partners, has always played a decisive role in the world, the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the main members of OPEC, which is currently the head of the department. Internationally, it is important and influential in the political equations of energy in the world that can not be ignored. Managing director of Sialgostar Refinement Co., referring to the fact that his company is ready in the field of engineering, supply and equipment of industrial projects Oil, gas, petrochemicals, refining and distribution to companies active in this field of service Said the collection is ready to provide advice and implementation of various projects by using experienced and experienced experts and experienced domestic and domestic products as well as products from East Asian countries such as China and Japan, as well as products from European countries such as Spain. In the oil industry. He also continued: New gas refineries based on the experience of many years of founding and managing directors in supplying and equipping oil industry projects can be a reliable source of confidence for industry activists to take advantage of the company's ability to operate in the private sector.