Vision and mission

Upcoming events:
1- Increasing productivity and return on assets, unpurchased assets, completing the distribution chain and brand management and promoting the level of incentives
2- Focus on developing managerial capabilities in the portfolio through the use of empowered managers, transfer of experiences and holding targeted courses in the field of operations and macro
3- Effective presence in the capital market and enhancing the transparency of company activities through proper information.

Vision Document:
According to the vision, the company wants to be one of the top companies in the field of consulting, supply and sales of oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation activities, and are working to develop the capabilities and the benefit of directors and employees honest and industrious, In the shortest time and at competitive prices, the goods are presented in accordance with international standards and as the most reliable and reliable consulting company, we will be able to supply and execute the project.
Provide technical and industrial equipment for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, refineries, power plants and manufacturing industries. Provide advice on providing consulting, equipping and equipping industrial units, relying on the technical knowledge of experts and personnel specializing in the field of mechanics and Piping, power